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dang i rlly like Nomirandy being more submissive

Like a million years ago I was like “I ship Randy and the ninja suit” and I always forget about it but it’S STILL KINDA CUTE TO ME LIKE I imagine the ninja suit would be a totally different kind of character apart from the Nomicon. And I always imagine it like a girl for some reason if it were to have a human persona. But the Nomicon telling “her” to not respond to Randy when he abuses his ninja power and she’d be all “BUT……..RANDY……..Fine. :(” and she loves to give him hugs when he puts the mask on. u v u


Sorry kid, but you’re my puppet now!”

did someone say demonically possessed twelve year olds…… I’m here for this……

Pastor: *Getting emotional in his prayer and shouting out in the joy he feels from the glory of God’s love in his life*

Me: *in the Cunnins tag* Man Cunningcest is hot.





i promised fowlham and i shall deliver


a lot of science in here…

yay, a finished redraw. not very good, but i had fun.