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I ship Cunningcest, Weinerham, Fowlham, Ectofeature.
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Randy Cunningham in a Korean style shcool uniform!

i love your Youtube channel,thanks for the best videos

Oh gosh, thank you! I’m glad you enjoy them. u v u


I guess the best picture of us at InvaderCon, taken by my sister.

I’m Theresa and Randy is ektofeature

Aaa it was really fun hanging out with Echo. We had a couple of people recognize us, whom got very excited, or needed a bit help figuring it out. Randy got mistaken for Hiro Takachiho once, btw.


i made a new one now with moh colahs *throws confetti*

well thats hours of my life i’ll never get back

i was too lazy to make a background so i used one from the shoooow

i hope the gif is workin i had keep re sizing and lowering the quality 


Before the costume contest a judge arrived late so the host kept stalling an told everyone to “take a selfie with the person right of you”
So here’s a “selfie” of Randy and Theresa \(•o•)/

@ektofeature (tumblr’s not letting me do the thing??)


Randy:*Blushing deeply* Embarassing.
Nomi:*Smirks* Embarassing, but fun.


I enjoyed doing this piece. Will upload Weinerham tonight and possibly an animated version with two of my works.


Making a text post that’s getting really popular more like make it stop


alive billy doodles